Bike adventures

Are you a lazy biker or into sports?

Do you want to discover The Netherlands by bike? Then read more…..

The best way to discover the country side is by bike, like the locals do! Leave the city behind and peddle along the flat countryside. It will be a great and unforgettable experience. All our trips lead on safe routings, mostly special bike paths.

We organise shorter or longer trips for one or more days just north of Amsterdam but also along riversides, lakes, dikes and ditches in other parts of The Netherlands. During these trips you will discover ancient fishing villages with small wooden houses, (cheese) farms, wooden shoe makers and lots of wind mills.  When you follow one of our rivers on a dike, you will be astonished about the splendid views.

If you are not that sporty, we can also arrange electric bikes for you. These days it is a very popular way of biking. Of course you have to paddle but, as a little secret,  you have a small silent electric motor in you bike. It feels as if you have always the wind behind you.



If you are not that sporty, in fact when you are a little bit lazy, make a ride along the country side by Solex bike. It is an old-fashioned motorised bike. You just jump on and this ‘motor-bike’ will bring you everywhere you want. Of course the ride will be completed with the traditional leather coat and hat. Take a break of this exciting adventure for a pick nick in the country side.

Bike along the river side “De Vecht”

One of our bike adventures is very popular! This is our special one or two days trip along the wonderful historical river “De Vecht”. In the golden century Amsterdam was during summertime very crowded and the smell of the canals was terrible. So the rich merchants living and trading in Amsterdam, built very expensive and well decorated country houses near this river side. Here they enjoyed summertime and nature. Lots of these wonderful country houses  has been preserved and they are really worth a visit. You can bike along this river in your own pace and stop when ever and where you want. If you are tired hop on the special bike boat, relax and enjoy the views coming besides. This boat has several hop-on hop-off stops along the river side.

Stay overnight in style in one of our special selected B&B’s. 


If you choose a bike adventure for two or more days, you do not have to take your luggage with you. 

It all can be transported by car. During all our bike adventures there will be enough time to relax, do some sightseeing and shopping. And of course there are enough nice places stop for a drink or a nice meal.