Route C world tour Netherlands

Route part C visit Nijmegen, Arcen, Maastricht (5 nights)

Day one. Nijmegen, You will arrive in the historic city of Nijmegen, as the start of the holiday or after your beautiful walk through the Canyon of the Dinkel as a conclusion to part B. This city gives a medieval feeling with the fort. This comes together with the Waalkade where you seem to come on the boulevard from a coastal town. After arrival we have a nice city tour waiting for you. You can also take the bike here for a nice bike ride through the fare values of the Waal. The overnight stay is in a nice hotel in the center on the Waalkade. In the evening you still have plenty of choice in a nice terrace or restaurant.

Day two. Horst/Well, After breakfast you leave the city and continue the route to the south. We have a visit for you to maasduinen with the longest river dunes belt in the Netherlands. With a beautiful walking route you will explore this area further. Then you will travel on to your place to stay. Along the way you can visit the Japanese gardens in Arcen. Your stay is a special pod house with fantastic wide views.

Day three. Brunssum, After your breakfast you will be preparing for a real castles day. Before you get in the car, first a round of Arcen. The castle gardens Arcen is already the first. Here you will also find the grain mill where alcohol is still distilled with the water mill. With the ferry you go to discover that not all rose nurseries are in Kenya or Ecuador. Then you will travel further south where the landscape becomes more and more hilly. Along the way you will visit two beautiful castles namely at Hoensbroeck and you have a tour in Terborgh Castle. Here you can enjoy a regal lunch or picnic. Then you will go into nature at Brunssum for a visit to the heath. The day ends with a tour at Alfa beer brewery. Stay is not far from here and has a regal allure.

Day 4 and 5 Maastricht The day starts with a visit to the mining museum (in Heerlen) and then a walk through the unique nature reserve of the old Limestone quarry ENCI. You will also go back centuries in time by descending into this ancient excavation. In the evening you will arrive in Maastricht where you will stay for the next 2 nights. An attractive hotel in the center with all the comforts around you. After a delicious breakfast, there is plenty of time the next day for a nice city tour or an underground tour through a unique corridor system from the2nd world war. Just outside Maastricht you have the opportunity to visit one of the largest vineyards in the Netherlands.

Guideline prices* for this route including stay and mentioned activities 375 euro pp category Hotel and 195 euro pp category camping. *number of accommodations charge an extra charge for the summer months.  

After or before your stay at Limburg you can also follow Route A Rotterdam, Lelystad, Leeuwarden, Schiermonnikoog. Or Route B Groningen, Appelscha, Diever and Dinkel. Contact us or see the start page of the world trip for all information