Island hopping


In the northern part of The Netherlands you can find our “Wadden” Islands. You can only reach these islands by boat from the mainland. If you are an experienced hiker you can also walk to some of these islands, but only when it is low tide.

In spring and summer time the Wadden area is very popular among the Dutch. But also a lot tourists find their way to these lovely islands. Every island has his own charming villages full with history.


A lot of nice quiet and sandy beaches are waiting for your visit. But also when the whether is not that good, you can pick up some fresh air in the wind which is always blowing here. Make a nice stroll and enjoy a warm drink or soup in one of the special beach clubs.


Island hopping

island hopping from Texel to Vlieland

If you want to visit more than one island we offer you the possibility of island hopping. There is a motor boat connection between Texel and Vlieland in summertime.