World tour in the Netherlands

World tour through the Netherlands

Go Local Holland gives your trip in your own country the allure of a distant destination. Discover with us the many faces that the Dutch landscape has to offer. It’s like we’ve been on a world tour… A relaxed atmosphere where attractive accommodations have already been booked and impressive activities have been arranged for you. A trip that you won’t soon forget and ideal for people who are sitting still are not part of their holiday.

What is there to do: During one of the stages or the combination of them you visit a National Park, you go game drive, you visit a historic cities, local markets, you go on a canopy tour, you go through the canyon, you possibly take a diving tour and visit the islands for island hopping. Everything can still be brought to your own taste with, for example, horse riding, mountain bike tour, canoe trip etc. Possibly another castle, wine tour or one of the fruit plantations of the Netherlands. If you are travelling with children, we can make a suitable accent with it. Get to know a fully catered trip from 1 week to the natural beauty and culture in the Netherlands with a nice link to a world trip. Please note availability is limited so be on time!

How does it work: We have searched for fantastic destinations for you throughout the Netherlands and divided them into 3 independent routes. You can link these 3 routes together for a complete holiday of 3 weeks or, for example, choose 1 route of a week. Everything is arranged and worked out for you these days and you go out with clear travel description. If you want to extend the existing trip with extra nights or similar, this can be adjusted as well as specific activities. Flexibility and personal input are always possible with us. The transport is by private car, camper or by train. For cycling tours you can use your own bikes or we will make sure they are ready at your destination. For the stay we have the choice of hotel overnight stays, camping or with the camper. If you want to make the trip with children, we can adapt the activities (and stays) to the age and need.

Our 3 routes of the world trip:

Check Route part A: (Northern part) Rotterdam, Lelystad, Leeuwarden, Schiermonnikoog (9n) from 515 euro pp.

Check Route part B: (Eastern part) Groningen, Drenthe, De Dinkel (5 nights) from 135 euro pp

Check Route part C: (Southern part)Nijmegen, Arcen, Maastricht (5 nights) from 195 euro pp

Booking and Covid: Our terms and conditions apply to this trip.

There is a deposit of 10% of the travel sum at the time of booking. The total travel sum must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure. Under the current circumstances with Covid, the possibilities and execution of the final trip are less certain. Therefore, we have the option to cancel the trip two weeks before departure at the time that due to Covid measures the trip cannot go ahead. The current trip is based on covid rules that are now valid. A number of activities mentioned are still waiting for rules to be relaxed. When you confirm the booking, we will look at how exactly the execution can take place at that moment. After that, we will make the final booking with you and arrange the reservations and trip. If the measures around Covid subsequently have a restrictive effect on the trip, it can be cancelled free of charge two weeks before departure.