Holland for Dummies

Holland  / The Netherlands   /   Dutch?  So confusing!

Not at all, in fact it is very easy:

Officially our country is named The Netherlands. We have 12 regions. Two regions are named: Noord Holland and Zuid Holland.

So when you are talking about Holland, you mean only these two regions.

‘Dutch’ or ‘Duutsch’ refers to the Nether-Duitsen, as the lowlanders and their language were called 200 years ago. In English it became ‘Dutch’. The original meaning of this word is ‘the people’. So the people living in The Netherlands are called the Dutch and the language they speak is also called Dutch.

And for everybody who wants to know more, please use this link for lessons Holland for Dummies part 2 till 20.  https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2012/12/23/the-netherlands-holland-the-dutch-hoe-zit-het-nou-een-uitlegfilmpje-a1438786