Dutch kitchen

The Dutch kitchen is not as famous as the French, but certainly one to discover. It is influenced by our history and will take you ages ago into time.

For example our ‘rijsttafel’ or ricetable. It was introduced into The Netherlands during the time Indonesia was one of our colonies. It is a combination of rice, vegetables, eggs and various kinds of meat. All with a nice spicy taste.

And do not forget to try our ‘stamppot’ or hotchpotch. A mixture of potatoes and vegetables served with sausages or other meat. Old school farmers’ food, full of energy.

Nowadays our kitchen contain food from various countries all over the world. We love cooking and most of all we love to try dishes from far away. So a lot of people “travel” during dinner time to exotic places.

In large cities and even in small villages you can find all kind of restaurants. Some are very exclusive (and expensive) and have one or more Michelin star(s). But you can also have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner in common restaurants. And almost all restaurants serve also vegetarian dishes.

Let us know your preference and we will advise you.

Fish, cheese and pancakes

Of course there are some very Dutch specialities: Fish, cheese and pancakes.

Let’s start with fish. Visiting The Netherlands means also: try salted herring. You get used to know, but it is worth a try. You eat it this way:




The Netherlands are also famous for its cheese. We produce so many kinds of cheese, too much to mention. Visit a cheese shop and try some different types. But even better, visit a cheese farm and see how it is made.

And last but not least: pancakes! We even have special pancake restaurants. You can order a pancake with all kinds of toppings, from sweet till spicy. Try them by yourself. And if you are not that hungry, try the little variant poffertjes. Very nice and sweet.

Culinary adventure

We offer you a one day culinary adventure: You choose the city you want to visit and we will make a special culinary city tour for you there. During this day we will visit several shops/restaurants/bars so you can taste all kinds of our specialities during the day/city trip. Not only cheese, pancakes and salted herring, but also sweets (drop), pastry, ice cream, poffertjes, fruits, chocolate, coffee, thee, local beer, local liqueur, bread, etc. etc. We assure you  you will be ‘fully loaded’ at the end of the day.