Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage is a very broad term.

It is basically for everything we inherit from previous generations. Actually it is a collective name for several monuments, protected objects, archives, archaeological finds and old city and village views. But also celebrations, craftmanship, literature, paintings, traditions etc. etc.

The Netherlands is a country with a lot of history, you can find it on every corner of the street, as we say. The Netherlands is a large open air museum. We still live, work, eat and sleep in it. So you even do not have to visit a museum to experience our past.

Small street in Middelburg (in the south west of The Netherlands)

Intangible heritage

Ice dancing in Friesland


We also have a lot of intangible heritage.

See the pictures for an impression.

Kingsday in Amsterdam
cheese carriers in Alkmaar


Do you also want to experience our cultural heritages? Contact us and we will inform you.

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