Leeuwarden: Cultural Main Capital of Europe in 2018

Leeuwarden Cultural Main Capital of Europe in 2018

Since 1985, every year, two European cities are selected to be Cultural capital in Europe. This year, one of these cities is Leeuwarden, situated in the north of The Netherlands. The aim of Cultural Main Capital of Europe is to show the wealth, diversity and commonality of European cultures.


The Cultural Main City Leeuwarden forms an open community: artists, scientists, farmers, locals and (inter)national visitors come together with all their ideas, to come to great dreams and actions.  

More than 250 cultural events are planned by professional organisations and many more amateurs.

Theme of Leeuwarden is  Open society (in their dialect: ‘Iepen Mienskip’). With this theme the organisation wants to start a think-renaissance. Beginning in Leeuwarden and spread out all over the world. They try to give answers to questions about the changing world, nature and society.

About 4 million visitors are expected.

Read here more: https://www.friesland.nl/en/european-capital-of-culture

When you are in Leeuwarden also visit Blokhuispoort!

Blokhuispoort is a cultural multi-tenant building, situated in the lively centre of Leeuwarden. In the past it was a prison, now it is a bulwark of creative entrepreneurs. Beautiful products are created and extraordinary services can be delivered.

exterior Blokhuispoort
interior Blokhuispoort