Discover Delft

When you think of Delft, you probably think of Delft Blue. And that’s correct! Delft ceramics have been world-famous ever since it was first made the 17th century, and today you can still see how Delft Blue is made in the authentic way in Delft.

But Delft has more to offer:

William of Orange

In Delft The Netherlands was founded in 1572. William of Orange, the ‘Father of the Nation’, came to Delft to lead the rebellion against the Spanish invaders. After he had defeated the Spanish, he founded the Netherlands based on the principles of freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Fortunately nothing has changed in that way.

The palace where he lived and worked is now a museum. Our Royal House has always had close links with Delft. Not only William of Orange, but many other members of the Royal House have been laid to rest in the Royal Crypt of the New Church.


In the one of our most famous museums, which is situated at a beautiful square in the centre, you can discover the history of Delft, and thus the origins of Delft Blue. Interesting for young and old. On this square are also three porcelain lampposts, painted in the traditional Delft Blue style. Nearby you will find the Kunstsuper Delft. A very special shop with a whole range of original artworks, a lot of which is inspired by Delft Blue ceramics.


You can also have some nice shopping in Delft. Picturesque little shops are waiting for your visit. And of course you can discover lots of delightful restaurants and places to have a drink.

Ask for our special Delft Program. Our inspired guide Hans, who lived and worked for many years in Delft, will welcome you in his city and show you all the hidden places.